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Over the Christmas Holidays of 2020 where the whole world were in lockdown due to the pandemic, I had the urge to start up my hobby of learning animations again. During the late 2000’s, I was learning to use Macromedia Flash (now known as Adobe Animate) and I created some basic animations.

I uploaded one of my early animations to my YouTube Channel, at the time Halloween was approaching and it seem fitting to create something for it.

Go and check out my very basic animation here.

Whilst I was looking through some Animations Tutorials on YouTube, I came across some channels showing their 3D work done using Blender. This really interested me and something that I would love to try out, what I love about Blender is that unlike Adobe, this is FREE!

Once downloaded and installed, I can honestly say, I did not have a clue how to use it. I was disappointed because it was something I wanted to try, so I ended up posting out requests for help on Social Media, thankfully many responded with tips and directions to go down into and following some useful tutorials, I started to get the hang of Blender.

However, almost a year down, I am still learning and where I can, trying to fit in my me time to continue learning. I do envy those who has more time in the world to get so far with their skills but maybe they have more determination in getting more done in little time.

Although I am more keen to carry on learning Blender, I have not ruled out continuing with Adobe Animate and Adobe After Effects. Just right now, I don’t see why I should pay a monthly subscription for both when I am not currently using them but as said, I will return to them in the future.

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